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  • No Minimum Contracts Or Upfront Payment
  • 100% UK Based Professional Receptionists
  • Messages Sent Or Call Patched Immediately
  • Order Taking, Payment Processing and Diary Management

And Here’s Just A Few Ways You’ll Benefit…

  • Never Miss A Call Or A Business Opportunity
  • Gives You More Time With Less Interruptions
  • Saves Money- Less Cost & Less Hassle Than Employees
  • Improve Customer Service- Great First Impression
  • Risk Free Trial To See How The Service Works For YOU

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"Since using Your Office & PA, Our Business Has Gone From Strength to Strength"
Darren Casey, E Sup, Guildford - Customer since 2009

Are you often interrupted by calls that are preventing you from getting on with your work and growing your business?


Simply divert your calls to our receptionists to answer on your behalf. This gives you more time to plan your day and get on with time critical work without interruption

Would you prefer to be able to prioritise which calls you deal with and when, rather than your phone dictating your daily schedule?


Our receptionists will handle your calls just like they’re part of your company. Any messages will be sent immediately and important calls can be transferred directly to you. This allows you to plan which calls require immediate attention, and which can wait for a response

Would you like some extra help without the expense or added responsibility of an employee?


We provide Cover ONLY When YOU Need It- Your receptionist will be there when you need her (never on holiday, on lunch break or off sick) and not a drain on your business resources when you don't. A truly hassle free solution

Could you be losing out on new business to your competitors simply because you missed the call?


We'll answer your calls in your company name within 15 seconds (in fact we guarantee this). We can transfer the call directly to you or take a message, ensuring that you'll NEVER miss out on a business opportunity simply because you missed the call

Are you fed up of answering the phone to cold callers?


We'll Filter Your Calls and protect you from time wasting cold callers. You’ll only receive messages and calls from people you want to speak with

Do you divert your office line to your mobile? Do you answer calls when you're driving, in a noisy environment or not able to make any notes?


Instead of juggling calls with other tasks, simply divert to our receptionists who can handle calls for you, allowing you to deal with the call at a more convenient time. You’re in complete control of when and how often you divert your lines

Would you like to improve your customer service and offer a professional, organised image of your company to all callers?


We'll ensure that your callers always get an excellent first impression. Your calls will be answered promptly and professionally, in your company name, by a polite and attentive receptionist. We’ll then take a message or transfer the caller to you straight away, without delay

Do you find yourself getting bogged down with basic admin tasks?


We can do more than simply answer your calls. We can return calls, pass on messages, manage diaries, take payments, place orders, and much more…

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Our Reception And Telephone Answering Services Include:

A Dedicated Reception Team (UK based) who’ll answer your calls, take messages and get to know you, your business and your regular callers

Cover ONLY When YOU Need It- Your receptionist will be there when you need her (never on holiday, on lunch break or off sick) and not a drain on your business resources when you don't.

Messages Are Sent Immediately By Email Or SMS and also logged onto our secure website. You can also choose to have important calls transferred to you so you can speak to the caller straight away

Simple Instructions To Divert Your Calls - Your receptionist will guide you through setting up the diversion. Landlines (UK), mobiles or a combination of both can easily be diverted to your receptionist whenever YOU need the support.

Choose When You Divert- you can divert all calls or choose to divert only when your lines are engaged or you don't answer within a few rings. You can easily swap between the divert services to suit your business day and work load

Never Miss A Call - All calls are answered in your company name within 15 seconds (in fact we guarantee this). With our answering service you’ll NEVER miss a call.

Outbound Calls - your Receptionist can make appointments and return calls on your behalf

Diary Management - Our team are experienced in managing online diaries. Booking, rescheduling and cancelling appointments saving you the time and hassle

We'll Filter Your Calls - on your request we can filter out cold calls so your time is not taken up with this

And Here’s the Proof… Our Testimonials

“We Trust Them Implicitly And They Have Become An Important Part Of Our Business”
Helen Wood, Simply Team, London SW12

“A Fantastic Service… Suits My Small Business Perfectly”
Kevin Anderton, KK Catering, Stockport

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