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Our Confidentiality Policy

Your Office & PA is committed to providing a confidential service to all our customers.

  • Information will be treated in the utmost confidence and will not be divulged to anyone outside the organisation except where extenuating circumstances exist (Police Investigation).
  • No conversation about a customer will take place with anyone who does not work for Your Office & PA and will not take place away from our designated office.
  • No personal information about a customer will be given to any third party.
    All Staff sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” upon commencement of employment with Your Office & PA
  • No information will be physically removed from our offices without management/customer consent.
  • All external emails carry a confidentiality disclaimer.
  • All written and electronic information is kept at secure locked and alarmed premises.


Use of client information for publicity purposes

Your Office & PA may wish to be able to publicise one or some of the messages/enquiries which are received and also to be able to give information where appropriate about the kind of enquiries that are being received. If an enquiry is received, the outcome of which would provide useful material for publicity purposes, then the permission of the customer will be sought in writing before the material is used. If permission cannot be obtained then any details that would enable identification of the customer to be made will be changed.

Use of customer information for training purposes:

Examples of enquiries/messages may be used for training purposes but any details which enable identification to be made will be changed.

Evaluation and Monitoring:

In order to maintain and improve the level of service being offered by Your Office &PA, PA’s will be monitored from time to time. This will involve the Manager/Director listening occasionally to calls so that an assessment can be made. However, we will only listen to the PA and will not use equipment that enables us to listen to the customer as well without their knowledge.

Record keeping, statistics, evaluation and monitoring

Customer Records

  • Any written customer records will be kept securely.
  • Any record sheets will be destroyed after 2 years.
  • Customers may ask to see any written records if they so wish to do so in writing.
  • Secure shredding is used prior to the disposal of any written records.

Letters or online messages

  • Any letters or printed online messages will be kept securely.
  • Any correspondence will be destroyed after 2 years. However, if a letter or online message is received which gives thanks or encouragement then it may be kept provided that permission is sought from the writer.
  • If a letter or online message is received which we would like to use in publicity/testimonials, we will seek the permission of the writer to ensure that they are happy for us to do this. Information about a customer will never be used for publicity purposes unless consent has been obtained (see above).

Data Analysis

  • Data will be collected to assist in planning, marketing.
  • Data collected will have the sole purpose of enabling us to evaluate and monitor the service we are offering and will not, under any circumstances contain personal information.

Making the Confidentiality policy known

  • All staff are given a copy of the policy when they join Your Office & PA.
  • We will ensure that all staff are trained and given information about the Confidentiality Policy.

This policy applies to all paid employees of Your Office & PA. All new staff will be given training in its application. The policy will be reviewed annually.

Confidentiality is also referred to in our Terms & Conditions

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