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Easy Set-up Process

Our telephone answering service is quick and simple to set up. Within a few hours you could be enjoying the great benefits of our service.

Click below to get an idea of how your telephone answering service would work. For further information feel free to contact us by filling in our online enquiry form or calling to speak to Chris or Andrew on 0800 433 40 30. You can also find further information by visiting our FAQ’s page.

  • 1. Sign up to our FREE 14 day trial: You can request our trial either online or by giving us a call. Our online form will take a few minutes to complete or you can set up over the phone if you prefer.
  • 2. Set up your account: We’ll then run through your requirements with you over the phone, ensuring that we understand your needs and also checking that we have all the information we require to complete your account set up such as key personnel, contact number, your web address and trading address etc.
  • 3. Assign a DDI for your account: We’ll then assign you your own DDI (Direct Dial Inward) number. You’ll use this number to divert your phone lines to (landlines and mobiles) whenever you want us to answer your calls. The number we provide you with is a standard UK (01928) number. It is not an 08 or other premium style number. Diverting your lines is simple, click here for instructions on how to do this.
  • 4. Choose when to divert your calls: Your account will then be live and you can start using the service. You can choose full divert for all your numbers, or decide to divert to us when you’re unable to take calls or when your lines are engaged. Click here for instructions on how to divert your phone lines.
  • 5. We’ll take your messages, answer queries & transfer calls: When your calls are on divert and a caller phones your number, the caller will be answered by one of our receptionists. Our state of the art phone system will recognise that the call is for your company. The call will then be routed to one of our team who’ll have all your company information on a screen in front of them before they pick up the phone. The call will then be answered in your company name.
  • 6. We’ll accurately take your messages: During your account set up we’ll have worked out with you a number of different call types (specific person request, new customer, existing customer enquiry, accounts query). When we answer the call we’ll identify which call type it is and then take the appropriate message details and actions.
  • 7. Getting your messages: Once we’ve taken a message for you there are a number of ways you can retrieve this message;

• All messages are logged on our secure web based system. You can log in wherever you have internet access to retrieve your messages

• All messages are sent by email. You can choose where message are sent and have messages sent to multiple email addresses

• You can choose to receive a text notification

• We can patch the call through to you whilst the caller is still on the line and give you the option to take the call

• You can call in to speak to your PA to get your messages

• We can call you to give you your messages

  • 8. Day 12 of FREE trial: We’ll be in touch to discuss how you’re getting on with the service. Our hope is that you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it was to set and you’ll have been really pleased with the service we’ve provided and you’ll want to continue to be a customer. If you’ve decided at this stage that this service is not for you then we’ll simply close your account following completion of your free 14 day trial.
  • 9. Choose the right package: Using information our system will have automatically gathered during your free trial, we’ll be able to recommend the most suitable message taking package for your business. It’s only at this stage we’ll take bank details from you to complete set up of your account. Our telephone answering call packages have no minimum contracts. Every month you can review your level of usage and let us know if you feel you’d benefit from changing the deal that you’re on. You can change your package (up or down) every month if required!

It Really Is Simple, So Let's Get Started

To get started on your FREE 14 day no obligation trial simply fill in our online form or call 0800 433 4030