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A fantastic service… Suits my small business perfectly

Kevin Anderton, KK Catering

So you’re starting a new business, most likely in an industry that you’re confident and familiar with, but if you’ve never set up a new company before, the chances are you’re finding that there’s a lot for you to learn.

I speak to a lot of people in the early stages of setting up their own business. I started Your Office & PA, from scratch, over 10 years ago, so I understand that those first few months can feel overwhelming and you’ll be worrying about what you don’t know!

Well, one thing I can help with is to make sure that you set off in the right direction, with regards to your company phone number and call answering services, from day one. Continue reading to find out more.


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Here’s How We Can Help Your Business…

  • New Business Numbers: We can quickly and easily set up your new business number for you. You can choose from a local area or non-geographical number. 
  • Virtual Reception Services: We can answer your business calls for you to make sure that you never miss an important call. We can take a detailed message or patch the call to your mobile. We can even take orders over the phone and book appointments
  • Professional, Established Business Image: Having a receptionist answer your calls ensures that each caller is greeted in a professional and friendly manner giving a great first impression of your new business
  • No Upfront Costs Or Lengthy Contacts: We can help you keep your telephone and reception costs to a minimum. We won’t tie you in to a contract and we’ll work with you to find an affordable solution to support your new business
  • We’re cheaper than employees: We won’t cost anywhere near the amount you could expect to pay if you employed your own receptionist (and we’re a lot less hassle!). You won’t need to worry about covering sickness, holidays and maternity leave and you won’t have to contribute towards pensions. You also don’t need to provide desks, PC’s, office space or toilet facilities either!
  • FREE Trial: You can trial our telephone answering services for free before deciding whether you’d like to go ahead with the service. There are no strings attached a no obligation to continue.

Why you can’t afford not to find out more…

The reality is that regardless of your business industry (even if you’re an online business) a phone number is still an important business tool. A landline number increases a potential buyers confidence in your business.

I often talk to people who start off by using their mobile or home number and are regretting the decision a few months later.

You see if you use your mobile as your business number then you can never switch off and you’ll probably find that your phone is interrupting you when trying to get on and do some work. And using your home number is great until your moody teenager or toddler answers on your behalf.

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