Pay As You Go Terms

Pay- As- You- Go Terms And Conditions Of Use

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen Your Office & PA to answer your calls on a PAYG account.

In order for us to be able to offer PAYG at such competitive prices, we have automated the top up and financial side of these accounts.

So to help you get the most out of our service and ensure your account runs smoothly without interruption, please carefully read through the terms and conditions.

  1. All PAYG accounts are pre-pay accounts. There must be credit on your account for your service to be live.
  2. There is an initial top up requirement of £40. Once this credit runs out then the minimum top up amount is £20.
  3. There is a monthly service charge of £20. This is the minimum amount which must be spent on your account each month. This is 20 calls for a “basic” account and 16 calls for an “extra” account. If you spend less than this during a calendar month then the difference between actual spend and minimum spend will be deducted on the last working day of the month.
  4. You can check how much credit you have remaining by logging onto our website with your username and password (supplied at set up).
  5. You can top up your account either online (when you log on), over the phone, or we can set up autocard payment for your account to be automatically topped up when it runs low. Payments must be made by card and we don’t accept cheques.
  6. You will be sent reminder emails and SMS messages when your account credit is at £10, £5 and NIL. You will also receive an email each Friday with a balance of your account.
  7. When your account reaches NIL you have until 8am the next day to top up to avoid your account being placed on hold.
  8. This is a self-managed account and it’s your responsibility to ensure the account remains in credit. The system is automated to send your reminders and place your account on hold if the credit runs out.
  9. When your account is on hold you will not receive any messages. Your account will be on hold for 1 week at which point, if a payment has not been received the account will be deactivated.
  10. If your account is deactivated there is a £25 reactivation fee.
  11. You don’t need to give any notice to leave the service.
  12. There are no refunds issued for unused credit.

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