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Testimonials - Find Out What Our Customers Have To Say About Us...

Real Testimonials, From Real People, Who Are Real Customers.

Here are just a few more examples of comments from our customers…

“They Act As The Invisible Glue That Holds My Company Together, Letting Us Get On With Travelling The Country…”

“How do you run a small business on a shoestring? That was our issue, and 5 years after starting the business, it still is.

We don’t have a formal office, but our customers and potential customers don’t actually know that they are talking to someone at Your Office and PA whenever they ring our number. They just believe they are talking to a thoroughly professional member of our team, which in effect they are!

YOPA (Your Office & PA) act as the invisible glue that holds the company together, letting us get on with travelling the country doing our thing. We are all so delighted by their service that we have never, not for a second, considered looking around for an alternative.”

“I Know That I Won’t Miss Out On Valuable New Enquiries”

“Now I can get on with my work and leave the office safe in the knowledge that I won’t miss out on valuable new enquiries and all my callers will be greeted be a friendly, knowledgeable receptionist”

“All The Benefits Of Having My Own Receptionist-
But Without The Costs”

“Your Office & PA’s telephone answering service provides my company with all the benefits of a having a full time receptionist- but has freed me up from the cost and responsibility of employing one myself.

Before I started working with Your Office & PA I had tried employing my own receptionist (I found this too costly) so I reverted to answering all the calls myself. The problem with this is that I found that whilst I welcomed the sound of the phone bringing in new business, I found the constant interruption to the work I was trying to complete was difficult to manage.

With Your Office & PA’s service I know that all my calls will be answered promptly and I can prioritise and return calls when necessary. I find my working day is much more productive”

“The Team Are Bright And Do So Much More Than Just Answer The Phone…”

“Your Office & PA have allowed us to continue to grow and only pay for the time we need so we haven’t had to add a member of staff until really necessary.  The team are bright and do so much more than answer the phone- they are valued members of our organisation and our customers are always surprised to hear that they are not sat next to us”

“We Trust Them Implicitly And They Have Become An Important Part Of Our Business”

“We’ve been using Your Office & PA since our business was a small start up to answer phone calls and make diary bookings.  The team are fantastic and due to their efficient service we never miss a call or an email from a potential client.  As our company has grown over the years we’ve also been using the team for more and more of their services and cannot fault them.  We trust them implicitly and they have become an important part of our business.”

A Fantastic Service… Suits My Small Business Perfectly”

“A fantastic service which gives me the confidence to run my day to day business without the interruptions of calls anytime of the day, when I’m available I can call my customers back.
A fast, professional and cost effective solution that suits my small business perfectly!”

“Since Using Your Office & PA Our Business Has Grown From Strength To Strength”

“They are more than just a call answering service; they are part of our business. Customers call and are greeted with happy, helpful staff that not only take messages and filter calls but are able to process orders, take payments, check stock levels and provide contact information for suppliers.

Due to the way the teams are structured they continually learn about our business, our customers, our products and procedures. Quite often a customer will have called with a query and rather than receiving a message asking us to call back we are greeted with a message that tells us the query, how they resolved it and that no further action is required on our part. If they are unsure they call and ask.

Over the years we have changed our IT infrastructure to more complex systems yet this has never fazed Your Office & PA, they have embraced the changes and worked with us to ensure a continual smooth operation.

It really is a remarkable situation when a company 100’s of miles away from our main office can operate seamlessly as if they are in the office next door, and to think that we are one of many companies they do this for, it really is a testament to the staff and management at YOPA.

If your customers are of importance to you, then you can’t go wrong putting them in the hands of Your Office & PA.”

“It’s Great To Deal With People With Personalities”

“We’ve worked with Your Office & PA for nearly ten years and they’re always professional to deal with but fun at the same time – it’s great to deal with people with personalities. Our callers like them too, usually thinking they’re speaking to someone in the same building rather than a couple of hundred miles away, we regularly get comments about how pleasantly the call has been handled. Messages are forwarded to us straight away so we can deal with them quickly wherever we are, giving the customer the swift service they need. We’d recommend them to anyone.”

“We Regularly Receive Compliments Stating How Professional They Are”

“We have been using Your Office & PA for a number of years now. We regularly receive compliments from other businesses stating how professional the call handlers answer and deal with calls and enquiries.”

“Our PA’s Are A Vital Part Of Our Business”

“We have been using their service for just over 6 years now and couldn’t be happier. Over the years our PA’S have grown to become a vital part of our team and we can’t imagine running our business without them.

The service we receive has grown to become more and more reliable as each year goes by. A truly professional and reliable service. Keep up the good work team and thank you from Travel Force”

“I Now Have Far More Time To Myself And To Spend On Business Development”

“I was always reluctant to employ the services of a virtual PA thinking that only Jeffrey Avery can do the job. But I was so wrong, and actually Jeffrey Avery was not doing the job very well at all.

This service has given me a new lease of life. I now have far more time to myself and to spend on business development as well as a much lower BP. I am traveling to East Africa later this month and for the first time I am looking forward to relaxing knowing that Andrew and his team will hold the fort for me while I’m away”

“Professional, Courteous And Efficient”

“I’ve used Your Office & PA now for over 6 years and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re highly professional, courteous and efficient. I looked around and trialled a few places before choosing them. They represent good value for money coupled with high levels of efficiency. I highly recommend this company.”

“Long Gone Are The Days Of Steering With My Knees!”

“I would just like to say a big thank you to you and all the staff. Long gone are the days of steering with my knees whilst taking down a customer’s name and address. I come home miles more relaxed now you guys are dealing with my calls.”

“Thank You For A Great Service”

“We have used Your Office & PA since 2010 and I would just like thank all the staff involved. We have never received a complaint of any kind from any of our customers. Thank you for a great service”

“Wish I Had Known About This Company Years Ago”

“I can honestly say this service has made a huge difference and has taken away an enormous amount of strain. As a small business you sometimes feel you’re on your own and feel under pressure constantly. Feeling like you can’t leave your desk just in case you miss a call that could be super important, or even losing out on something that could be really big. Your Office & PA have taken all those feelings away. From day one the communication was fantastic; everyone was really helpful setting up etc. The PA’S are extremely attentive, any time I have called with a query they have answered all my questions and needs. Wish I had known about them a long time ago.”

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