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Here’s How To Get Started With Your 14 Day FREE Trial…

Please read before completing.

The following information is required for Your Office & PA to be able to accurately and efficiently answer your calls and relay your messages.

The sign up process involves completing three pages –

  1. Company Information
  2. Named person message
  3. All other call types

Below is some further information to note about completing each form.

Once we have received this information it will take us a couple of hours to check through. We’ll then call the main point of contact to check our understanding our your business before “setting you live”. This process will normally be completed within 1/2 a day.

Company Information – This is required so that we can answer basic queries on your behalf, without you necessarily having to return the call (we will still notify you that you’ve had a call). For example, if a caller asks for your opening hours or web address, they would expect the person answering the call to know the answer rather than getting someone to call them back.

Types Of Message – Your message options are split into “named person” and “other call types”. Each account can have 5 different scripts between the 2 types (i.e. not 5 of one and 5 of the other). If you require more than 5 different call types then please call 0800 433 4030 to discuss (you may need to consider using more than 1 DDI).

Named Person Message – Use this page to fill out the details of key personnel a caller may ask for (e.g. can I speak to John please).

All other call types –  Use this page to fill out details for call types which are not for a named person. E.g. new customer enquiries, general information requests etc.

If you are unsure of any of the details which are requred then simply leave the field blank or call us on 0800 433 4030 and we’ll talk you through it.

All details will be thoroughly checked and test messages sent before your account is set live.

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Holiday Cover:

I understand that the free trial can’t be used to provide free holiday cover and that I may be charged for calls if this is the case:

If you require holiday cover only then please call us on 0800 433 4030 or complete your enquiry here Enquiry Form

To continue with the Free trial please confirm that the business owner/key decision maker is not on holiday during this time by ticking the box below.