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“Thank You For Requesting Our Price Information. I’m Delighted To Have This Opportunity To Thoroughly Explain Our Pricing Options To You…”

Gordon Finlay, Owner/ Manager

Thank you for requesting our price information. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to thoroughly explain our pricing options to you.

If you’re looking around and trying to find the best service that fits both your business needs as well as your budget, you’ve probably already discovered that getting the right balance can be difficult. Simply being able to understand and compare each company’s different price plans is like a minefield!

One thing you’ll quickly realise is that it’s almost impossible to be sure that you’re comparing like-for-like. Comparing “per message” or “per call” or “per minute” prices can be misleading as there can often be additional charges for services such as…

  • Sending each message to multiple email addresses
  • Sending an SMS as well as an email
  • Use of out of hours voice mail
  • Making regular updates to your account
  • Taking details from your callers other than just basic contact information

I hope that I’ve made our pricing options simple to understand, straight forward and completely transparent. There are no hidden charges and no contracts or tie-ins. Having said that, if you’ve never used a virtual telephone answering or reception service before, then the only way to gain a full understanding of the actual price for YOUR company, is to talk to me about your requirements and then set up a FREE, no obligation trial to see how this service will work with your business.

Following completion of your 14 day, genuinely FREE, no obligation trial, you simply choose the option that best suits your business requirements and budget at the time (there’s no guess work here). You can switch plan on a month-on-month basis if required, to ensure that you’re always on the option that suits your business needs at the right time.

**Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Or Monthly Payment Plans, With No Contracts, No Up-Front Payments And A 14 Day FREE Trial*

The option which most suits your business requirements will depend on a number of factors, such as the volume of calls we answer for you and the way you would like these calls handled. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you could save when compared with the alternative of employing your own receptionist (or the hassle of dealing with all the calls yourself).

  Premium Telephone Answering & Reception Service Plans No-Frills Pay-As-You-Go Options (from 99p a call)
Plan Name Your PA Your Essential PA Your Complete PA Your Total Switchboard* PAYG- Extra PAYG- Basic
Minimum monthly price £82.50 £140 £283 £423 £20 £20
Agreement Type/Notice period 30 Day rolling agreement No Contract/Agreement required. Pre-pay account
Calls Included 50 100 200 400 16 20
Additional Calls £1.20 £1.05 £1.00 £0.95 £1.25 £0.99
Filtering of cold/unwanted calls FREESimply let us know of any cold callers and we’ll filter them out free of charge FREE FREE (up to 10% of call volume)
Outbound calls and pass on messages for you Included with the account
Charges are the same as answering an inbound call
Included with the account N/A
Email Notifications Messages can be sent to additional email addresses for no extra charge Multiple with no charge Up to 3
SMS Notifications FREE FREE
No. Of call types (scripts) Unlimited(e.g new enquiry, accounts, named person, tech support etc) 6 2
Your company information Detailed information can be stored for PA’s to refer to, including website link, price & product information, online enquiry forms Full company information Basic information only
Details taken from caller Detailed messages including full contact info plus options for you to add additional questions (eg. DOB, order no, etc) Full contact info, inc email address, plus 1 additional question Basic only: Name, company, tel no. and post address only
Call Patching option £15 a month. Includes unlimited talk time to UK standard landline and mobile numbers £20 a month N/A
Diary Management £25 £35 £45 £50 N/A
Order & payment processing £20 £25 £30 £35 N/A
Out Of Hours voicemail FREE – personalised with own greeting FREE
Voice mail to email £5 a month £5 a month
*Bespoke packages available for larger call volumes – get in touch to find out more on 0800 433 40 30

Now you’ve seen the prices, why don’t you read on and I’ll give you a little more “meat on the bones” to help you further understand how the service works…

Premium Telephone Answering & Reception Service Plans From Only £20 A Month

Our premium plans include our full suite of reception services. Your calls will be answered in your company name by a receptionist who has a great understanding of your business. They can answer questions, pass on messages, return calls on your behalf, complete online forms, and capture as much details as you wish on the calls- this goes beyond basic message taking.

In fact, my customers tell me that this is the closest you’ll ever get to having your own receptionist sat in your office, without actually employing one themselves!

There are 4 premium options for you to choose from. All plans are priced according to the number of calls you use during a calendar month and you’ll be invoiced on a monthly basis.

All Premium Telephone Answering & Reception plans include as standard…

  • 14 Day FREE trial of our services
  • Calls answered Monday – Friday from 08.30-17.30 or Monday – Friday 08.30-20.00 and Saturday 09.00 – 14.00 (the choice is yours)
  • No set up fees or tie-ins, just a simple month-by-month agreement
  • A dedicated Receptionist/PA assigned to your account who’ll work with you to ensure that the service you receive meets your business requirements
  • Unlimited call type options meaning that each message can be sent to the correct person or department
  • Option for your receptionist to pass on messages, return calls and answer callers questions
  • The option to include full support premium “bolt-on” services such as diary management, the processing of online orders and payments
  • FREE out of hours personalised voice mail with full 24 hour access so you can review/ collect any messages (your receptionist will check daily at 07.30 and send you any messages that haven’t been listened to)
  • Option to add voicemail to email- receive out of hours voicemails without delay
  • No extra charges for sending messages to multiple email addresses
  • FREE SMS included with each message (if required)
  • FREE filtering of cold calls and wrong numbers
  • FREE access to our online management system. Here you can review your account, retrieve messages (every message is also logged on to our online system), send your receptionists updates, manage your online diary (if set up), and request tasks to be completed
  • No charges for making updates to your account (in fact you can manage most of this online yourself – or we can make changes for you)
  • You can update your receptionist as required with messages, your whereabouts etc so we can manage your callers expectations

In addition to the services that are included with each option, you can also choose to add a number of “bolt-on” services to further enhance the work that we complete for you.

Premium Bolt-on Services

Tailor Make A Package To Suit YOUR Needs

Call Patching/Transferring- £15 a month

  • Option to have your callers transferred directly to you where ever you are
  • Unlimited talk time to UK standard landlines and mobiles included

Diary Management- From £25 a month

If you’re an appointment based business and use (or can move to) an online diary, then we can handle your callers appointment requests immediately, whilst we are on the phone to them.

Our customers tell us that this works really well for them and saves them the time and cost of having to return calls themselves or hire a receptionist.

“The team are bright and do so much more than answer the phone- they are valued members of our team and our customers are always surprised to hear that they aren’t sat next to us”.

Simon Tolson, Rumsey Holiday Homes, Poole- Customer since 2012

Our team are experienced at managing diaries for a variety of practice based businesses such as physiotherapists, medical centres, hairdressers and beauty businesses and driving schools (amongst others).

Extended Hours Cover- FREE

Our standard hours for answering service is 08.30-17.30 Monday to Friday. All customers have the option to add evening and Saturday cover to this service.

08.30-20.00 Weekdays and 09.00-14.00 Saturday.

Online Order and Payment Processing – From £20 a month

  • Using your website or other online order and payment terminal, we can process over the phone orders and payments

General PA Services- from £20 a month

In addition to this we often have requests to complete other tasks such as checking email inboxes, sending out brochures or customer letters, chasing invoices etc.

In addition to our Telephone Answering & PA plans, we also have a basic message taking option that maybe suitable for businesses with very low call volume and simple requirements for call handling.

Pay- As-You-Go – Our Basic, No Frills, Message Taking Only Options

If your requirements are for a simple, message taking only service, then one of our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) options may be more suited to your needs.

These packages concentrate on accurate, straight forward message taking and are a great option for start up businesses or companies that require only a basic level of cover, perhaps on an ad-hoc basis.

As with the premium options, all calls will be answered by a professional and friendly receptionist, in your company name, giving a great first impression of your business. The main difference between PAYG and the premium plans is the information that we’ll take from a caller and the services that are available to you are more limited. For example, making return calls, passing on messages, advising of prices etc, would not be an option for this service.

We have two PAYG plans for you to choose from:

Option1: Pay-As-you-Go – Basic: Available from as little as £20 a month

This a basic pre-pay message taking account with no frills attached and limited message taking options:

  • Pre-pay account. Your account must be in credit for your messages to be sent
  • Top up your account easily online, over the phone or by an autocard repeat payment system (this way you won’t forget!)
  • Service charge of £20 a month which includes your first 20 calls (this is your minimum spend)
  • Calls are £0.99 each and deducted from your account balance as the messages are sent
  • Message information is limited to name, number, company name and address only, with a brief message (no further information will be taken)
  • 2 script/ call options available
  • FREE Extended Hours cover (if required) which means your calls will be handled until 20.00 every weekday and  09.00-14.00 on Saturday
  • FREE SMS notification for messages
  • No lengthy tie-ins or contracts
  • Free filtering of cold calls (up to 10% of your incoming call volume)

Option2: Pay-As-you-Go – Extra: Available from as little as £20 a month

If the basic option is a little too “basic” for you, perhaps you require callers email addresses or you would like to add a couple of extra qualifying questions for your new enquiries, or perhaps important calls transferred straight through to you, then this option may be more suitable.

This option includes everything in the PAYG – basic, but with a few enhancements:

  • Service charge is £20 a month- this includes your first 16 calls (this is your minimum spend)
  • Additional calls are £1.25 each and deducted from your account
  • Option to add call patching/transferring to your account for an additional £20
  • 6 script/call options included
  • Option for your receptionist to pass on messages and return calls on your behalf

More detailed company information stored so your receptionist can answer basic callers questions

Getting Started…

To truly gain an accurate understanding of how much our service will benefit your business and which options are most suitable for your requirements, then I would urge you to give me a call on 0800 433 4030 to discuss setting up your 14 day FREE trial.

Yes Please! I’m interested in finding out more about your free trial

Our trial is genuinely 100% FREE. It’s simple to set up and there are no catches or contracts to sign.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Kind regards,


Gordon Finlay,
Your Office & PA
0800 433 40 30
01928 508800

P.S. You can start your free trial by click the link below

FREE Trial Info Here

To truly gain an accurate understanding of how much our service will benefit your business and what the cost will be, then I would urge you to give me a call on 0800 433 4030 or click the link below, to discuss setting up your 14 day FREE trial.

Yes Please! I’m interested in finding out more about your free trial

Our trial is genuinely 100% FREE. It’s simple to set up and there are no catches or contracts to sign.

And Here’s Some Proof…

An extra pair of hands without the costs of an extra employee”
Geoff Short, Beam Estate Agents, Skegness

“This service has saved me hours upon hours – and significantly reduced my overheads”
Ian Hutchinson, The Smile Lounge, Chepstow

“I know that any caller will receive personal attention”
David Spencer, TSL, Weymouth

“I would definitely recommend Your Office & PA to any business that needs the services of a receptionist but doesn’t want the expense of employing one”.
Mark Gilvray, Brighter Contract Cleaning, Manchester

“A FANTASTIC Service, suits my small business perfectly”
Kevin Anderton, KK Catering, Stockport

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