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Your Office & PA’s unique 8 point “World Class Service Guarantee”

It’s a fact that most callers will ring off if they’ve been kept waiting for more than 20 seconds (and a new customer probably won’t bother ringing back again). Therefore answering your calls promptly and politely is very important. Our research has shown us that the best time to answer a call is between 2 and 6 rings.

We guarantee to answer your calls within 15 seconds*

* We guarantee not to take longer than 15 seconds average time for any day that month.

We understand that receiving messages quickly is important for any business – you don’t want to be waiting for important messages.

We guarantee to send you your messages by your chosen format (email, SMS, call transfer) immediately after the message has been taken. You can also choose to have your messages sent to multiple recipients. Your PA’s will do this before they take another call. You’re then the one who’s in control of when you choose to pick up and deal with your messages.
You can also log onto our secure customer website to pick up your messages anywhere you have internet access and check for new messages or review previous messages sent.

There’s no need for you to worry about choosing the right option for your business or trying to make a best guess at how many calls you require because every new customer receives a 14 day FREE, no obligation trial.

During your free trial period we’ll be gathering information on the call volumes we receive for your business. Then, at the end of the trial, if you wish to continue with our telephone answering services we can accurately recommend the best plan for you.

You can then review your account at the end of every month to make sure that the plan you’re using is still the best deal for you. If you’d be better off changing (up or down) then just let us know and we’ll update your plan for the following month.

There are no minimum contracts for our plans, you can move up and down every month if necessary.

We guarantee that all our charges are completely transparent; you won’t find any hidden extras. Unlike many of our competitors we won’t charge you for setting up your account or making changes and updates.

We do this because we want to build long term relationships with our clients. We’ll set your account up and train your dedicated PA to answer your calls for FREE in the belief that you’ll love working with us so much that you’ll stay with us for many years. Our aim is to become a valuable member of your team.

We won’t charge you for wrong numbers or nuisance calls. If we find that we have a persistent offender (perhaps a sales rep who won’t take no for an answer) that is regularly taking up your PA’s time, then we will discuss this with you.

You can also let us know your preference with sales calls (not all sales calls may be unwanted!). We can either take a message (which will form part of your message allowance) or simply say you’re not interested at this time. The choice is yours.

We guarantee that we’ll check all phone numbers given in messages (by repeating them back to the caller for confirmation) and we’ll also check the spelling of names, addresses etc.
We can keep details of regular callers on your file so we can identify them without having to keep asking for contact details.

We randomly check PA’s calls every month to make sure that this process is followed. Our PA’s earn bonuses for checking accuracy of details with the caller.

We guarantee that all of your calls will be answered by staff that are employed by and have been thoroughly trained by Your Office & PA. We do not rely on short term temping staff and we don’t utilise any call centres. All calls are answered from our offices in Cheshire, England.

As soon as a call comes in to our office we’ll know it’s for your company. Our PA’s will have your company details and chosen greeting on a screen in front of them BEFORE they pick up the call (and all this in under 15 seconds!). We can also take details of your key customers/VIP callers and greet them accordingly too.

And If We Don’t Live Up To Our Promises…

You’ll get your calls answered FREE for the next month as an apology for us failing to meet our Guaranteed Service standards.


Terms & Conditions of the guarantee

  • Our 15 second guarantee is for average time taken for any day that month.
  • Calls will be answered and messages sent by email up to the value of calls taken in the previous month
  • Charges will still be incurred for calls above last month’s usage
  • Charges will also be made for receiving messages by text message or patching calls through