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What Does A Virtual Office Receptionist Do?

What Does A Virtual Office Receptionist Do?

They’re an extra pair of hands – but without the cost!

If you’re looking for support with receptionist duties such as answering calls, booking appointments, and taking orders, then using a Virtual Receptionist could be just the solution you’re looking for.

A Virtual Receptionist is always a more cost-effective option than directly employing a receptionist yourself, providing support just when you need it, and not a drain on resources when you don’t.

Here’s a few examples of the type of tasks that a Virtual Office Receptionist could help you with:

  • Answer calls in your company name just as if they were based in your office (if you have an office)
  • Take messages, including full contact details, ask qualifying questions
  • Answer queries or transfer callers to you
  • Return calls and pass on messages
  • Take and process over the phone orders
  • Book and rearrange appointments
  • Update contact details and CRM systems

Virtual Office Receptionists offer you an easy and flexible way to benefit from some extra support for your business without any long-term financial commitments, and without the hassle of employing and training an employee. Here’s just a few examples of some of the many benefits:

  • You’re in control – use the service all the time, or just when you need some extra help
  • Saves money – only pay for the support you need. You don’t have to pay sick pay, holiday pay, maternity leave, pension, employers’ national insurance etc
  • Never miss a call – you won’t lose out on business simply because you missed the call
  • Gives a great first impression to all callers, improving your company image and customer service
  • Reduces the stresses of people management – you don’t need to recruit and manage an employee
  • You don’t need an office or any equipment – saves money by eliminating the requirement to provide space, a desk, PC, phone etc for an extra person
  • Allows you to get on with your work without being interrupted by the phone

I could go on…

Are you ready to find out more?  

You can trial our virtual reception services completely free for 14 days to discover the benefits for yourself. Get in touch on 01928 508800 to find out more.


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Sarah Basey

Sarah Basey

Sarah founded Your Office & PA in 2007 and has 17 years of experience working with businesses offering telephone answering and virtual reception services.

Sarah works full-time in the business, alongside her co-directors Chris and Andy, giving the business a unique, owner-managed feel which enables a fully flexible approach to the services provided.

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