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Here’s Why Beauty Salons Should Use A Telephone Answering Service

Here’s Why Beauty Salons Should Use A Telephone Answering Service

If you run a beauty salon, the chances are that you’re trying your best to juggle calls between appointments which is causing missed calls, voicemails being left, and interruptions during your appointments when the phone rings.

An unanswered phone that keeps ringing will lead to missed opportunities, as well as distracting you from focusing on your client. And from a client’s point of view, a ringing phone is just irritating.

Relying on clients to leave voicemails when you’re busy will cut down on distractions and allow you to fully focus on your client, but this creates extra work for you finding the time to return the calls.

This can be especially frustrating if you’re trying to rearrange/cancel appointments. Your client calls and leaves a message, you call back, they don’t answer so you leave a message, only for them to call back again when you have another appointment. Telephone tennis is costly and no fun for anyone.

Even if you have the space and resources to employ a receptionist, they can only deal with one customer and one call at a time. So, if they’re on a break, on holiday, off sick or simply making your client a coffee etc, the phone can still get missed.

There is a solution to this that will save you the hassle of juggling and missing calls and is more cost effective than employing some extra help.

A telephone answering service for beauty salons will completely eliminate missed call worries and save you time and money.

A good telephone answering service will:

  • Ensure you don’t lose out on business and new customers simply because you missed the call
  • Book/cancel/rearrange appointments at the time of the call without you having to call back
  • Save you money and space – less hassle and more cost effective than an extra employee
  • Answer all calls, or work as overflow to your current set up, picking up calls you would otherwise have missed
  • Improve customer service and offer a great impression of your business on every call
  • Allow you to trial the service, completely free of charge, so you can discover the benefits for your business totally risk free
  • Have years of experience of working with beauty businesses and have a good understanding of the services you offer

At Your Office & PA we work with beauty salon owners supporting them to answer calls and manage appointments. You can trial our telephone answering services completely free of charge for 14 days, allowing you to test the service and fully understand the benefit.

Our telephone answering service offers beauticians a cost-effective and affordable solution to outsourcing their calls, with no lengthy contracts and flexible options available from as little as £20 a month.

To find out more you can call me on 01928 508800 or visit the link below to request our detailed information pack “Save Money & Win More Business!” which includes everything you need to know about how the service works, how to set up your free trial, and how much it costs.

About the author

Sarah Basey

Sarah Basey

Sarah founded Your Office & PA in 2007 and has 17 years of experience working with businesses offering telephone answering and virtual reception services.

Sarah works full-time in the business, alongside her co-directors Chris and Andy, giving the business a unique, owner-managed feel which enables a fully flexible approach to the services provided.

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To find out more you can request our FREE Information Pack “Here’s How You Could Save Money And Win More Business” which includes everything you need to know, how the service works, how to get started and how much it costs.