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Are You Rethinking Your Office Resources In 2023 And Beyond?

Are You Rethinking Your Office Resources In 2023 And Beyond?

I don’t know about you, but one of the positives I’m taking away from navigating my business through a pandemic, is embracing, and testing new ways of working.

Of course, not all changes were for the better. But some of the changes I was forced to make around the way we communicate and use office space, have had an ongoing positive impact, and certainly for my company, I believe they’re here to stay.

Like most businesses, the biggest change was suddenly having an empty office and staff working from their bedroom and kitchens. After the initial shock to the system and the inevitable IT and technical hiccups, we settled into a new way of working.

Whilst I accept that homeworking isn’t for everyone, and fully believe that we all benefit (professionally and personally) from attending the office and interacting face-to-face with colleagues, I can also see how this has been beneficial.

Homeworking has vastly improved the flexibility of the work force (very important for a business that needs staff at exactly the right time to answer calls), and this has been invaluable when covering covid/isolation/school closure/staff shortages. Therefore, I’m now offering my team a permanent option to work part of their week at home.

Another benefit has been improving the way we communicate. We introduced MS Teams and Zoom conferences to catch up with both customers and colleagues. Whilst these won’t fully replace face-to-face meetings, they are still a great alternative for cutting down on time and travel for shorter meetings, and in my opinion, one step up from a telephone only meeting.

We’ve also introduced a Live Chat option on our website (managed by real people not automated bots) to improve the way we interact with potential new customers, and now offer a managed live chat service to our customers (answering their chats from their websites).

In addition to this, one of the biggest benefits has been the positive financial impact this has had on the bottom line. Like many businesses I’ve been able to re-assess and reduce the office space required, significantly decreasing my fixed overheads (rent/ rates) as well as bills for utilities, insurance, maintenance, and everything else that comes with occupying office space.

In my role at Your Office & PA, I regularly speak to like-minded business owners who are also realising that many of the changes they’ve made over the last two years, have served to make their business more flexible and financially fitter.

Outsourcing is a great way to keep your overheads under control. For example, replacing or supporting your receptionist with a telephone answering services, is a great way to minimise your office space requirement, and get telephone support just when you need it, without it being a drain on resources when you don’t. Outsourcing enables you to easily flex up and down the support you require when you require it.

Outsourced services don’t require you to provide office space, sick, holiday and pension benefits, and is generally more hassle free and more flexible than directly employing more staff yourself, therefore, reducing your risk and making your operation more cost effective.

So, if you’re open to exploring ways to save (and make) more money, then why not trial our telephone answering services completely free of charge for 14 days.

Simply follow the link below or give me a call on 01928 508800, to find out more:

About the author

Sarah Basey

Sarah Basey

Sarah founded Your Office & PA in 2007 and has 17 years of experience working with businesses offering telephone answering and virtual reception services.

Sarah works full-time in the business, alongside her co-directors Chris and Andy, giving the business a unique, owner-managed feel which enables a fully flexible approach to the services provided.

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