Here Are 10 Amazing Reasons To Choose Your Office & PA

“We Trust Them Implicitly And They Have Become A Vital Part Of Our Business” Helen Wood, Simply Team – Customer Since 2013

Read on to discover 10 amazing reasons why we believe our company stands head and shoulders above all the competition…

Amazing Reason No. 1: Our Unique “World Class Service Guarantee” Means We’re Committed To Always Amazing Our Customers With Our Great Telephone Answering Service

We GUARANTEE to consistently deliver excellent customer service standards as set out in our unique “World Class Service Guarantee”.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep, because if we do…

You’ll receive FREE calls for a month if we fail to meet our promises!

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Amazing Reason No. 2: Risk Free, Try Before You Buy With Our No Strings Attached, 14 Day Genuinely FREE, No Obligation Trial Of Our Telephone Answering Services

You can “Try Before You Buy” with our telephone answering service. We offer a completely risk free, no obligation 14 day trial. No contracts and no strings attached!

Simply fill in our online form with your company information and we can start answering your calls within hours. This trial is completely free and there’s no obligation for you to proceed – we don’t even take any payment or bank details until the trial is completed and you confirm you’re amazed and that you want to continue.

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Amazing Reason No. 3: We Offer Unrivalled Flexibility With Our Telephone Answering Packages – You Can Review Your Account & Change Your Option Every Month If Required

As part of our “World Class Service Guarantee” you can review your choice of telephone answering plan EVERY month to ensure that you’re on the best option to suit your requirements.

And, with our 14 day FREE, no obligation trial, we’ll be able to recommend the most suitable option to fit your requirements.

Simply register for our FREE 14 day, no obligation trial, and we’ll sort out the rest. Using the information from your FREE trial we’ll be able to accurately recommend the best telephone answering package for your business.

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Amazing Reason No. 4: We’ll Answer All Your Calls Within 15 Seconds

Our research has shown us that the best time to answer a call is between 2 and 6 rings.

Most callers will ring off if they’ve been kept waiting for more than 20 seconds (worst still potential new customers probably won’t try again but call your competitors instead). Therefore answering your calls promptly is very important. It’s estimated that 20% of potential new business is lost through missed calls.

Amazing Reason No. 5: We’re An Owner Managed Company- Business Owners Gordon And Sarah Work Full Time In The Business, Alongside Their PA’s…

This is great news for you. Why?

Because when you work with an owner managed business you can be certain that the people who have the most to gain (and lose) by ensuring that you’re happy with the service, are working alongside the team, every trading hour, to manage and monitor standards. Even the most dedicated and loyal manager and team are no substitute for the passion a business owner has to succeed. And success to us means offering our customers a consistently high standard of telephone answering, using a highly trained and supported team, and always being open to improve and update the services that we offer.

We will take the time to understand your business and you can always call and speak directly to Gordon or Sarah. If they can’t take your call straight away you’ll receive a call back at the earliest opportunity.

Amazing Reason No. 6: Astoundingly Quick To Set Up With No Minimum Contracts Or Upfront Payments– We Could Be Answering Your Calls Within The Next 2 Hours

It’s incredibly quick and simple to set up your account. Simply sign up online to our 14 day FREE, no obligation trial, or call in and speak to Gordon or Sarah who’ll be happy to set your account up for you. We’ll then check your account information, allocate your incoming phone line (DDI) for you to divert your lines to- then you’re ready to go live!

There are no upfront payments, and no minimum contracts, and every new customer receives a FREE 14 day, no obligation trial

Click here to sign up to our FREE 14 day, no obligation trial, or call 0800 433 40 30

Amazing Reason No. 7: Our Wide Range Of Business Services Makes Us A “One-Stop-Shop” For All Your Office Requirements

We offer more than just a telephone answering service. We pride ourselves in helping our customers as much as we can. We offer a wide range of services to support you to run your business as efficiently as possible, such as sending out brochures, taking customer orders and chasing up invoices.

We aim to be completely flexible with the services we offer. So if you’re looking for an office based service you don’t see advertised on our website, just call 0800 433 40 30 and speak to Gordon or Sarah – if we can help or recommend someone we will!

Click here to review our wide range of additional services

Amazing Reason No. 8: We Don’t Sound Like Robots Reading From Rigid Scripts – Our PA’s Are Friendly And Professional

We are committed to ensuring that we always answer your calls in the way you want and collect accurate information from each caller as specified by you. We keep within your loosely scripted guidelines whilst also encouraging our PA’s to deal with your callers in the same friendly way a member of your own staff would.

Click here to read some customer comments about the great service they receive from their PA.

Amazing Reason No. 9: We’re Committed To Continuously Support And Train Our Staff So They Can Delight And Amaze Our Customers

We set ourselves high standards and we don’t like to fail! To ensure that we can consistently deliver a world class service for our customers, we have to employ world class staff. We achieve this by having rigorous recruitment tests (communication, grammar, spelling etc) and delivering a continuous programme of training and development for all our colleagues.

And when we make mistakes, which we all do from time to time, we will bend over backwards to solve the problem and put things right as quickly as possible.

And Finally… Amazing Reason No. 10: Our Secure Customer Web Portal: A Great Way For You To Easily Check For New Messages, Update Your Diary, Send Us A Message…

All customers (even on free trial) receive a secure log in for our unique web portal. Through this portal you can check your messages, search for old messages, update your online diary, request tasks and send your reception team updates.

Whilst we’re more than happy to speak to our customers on the phone, we find that many find the web portal useful for managing and reviewing their messages and sending the team daily updates (particularly out of hours).

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