5 Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist

Advantage 1: Don’t miss calls

Never miss a call again – 20% of business is lost through missed calls. With our virtual reception services you’ll never miss a call again

Advantage 2: Time Management

Improves Time Management – prevents you being interrupted when you’re busy. Your caller won’t get an answer machine message, they’ll talk to a real person, based in the UK, who’ll take their message or answer their query. You can then call back if required, when it’s convenient

Advantage 3: Holiday and Sickness Cover

Covers holiday and sickness – our reception service can easily provide cover to help out when you or your team need to take time off

Advantage 4: Cheaper than Employees

We’re Cheaper Than Employees– We won’t cost anywhere near the amount you could expect to pay if you employed your own receptionist (and we’re a lot less hassle!). You won’t need to worry about covering sickness, holidays and maternity leave and you won’t have to contribute towards pensions. You also don’t need to provide us with desks, PC’s, office space or toilet facilities either!

Advantage 5: No Engaged Tones

No engaged tones – you can divert your calls to us when your own phone lines are engaged. 80% of new customers won’t call back if they hear a busy tone